Why should we play ChakraView?

Since all of us do not have an inside perspective of a farmers’ life and the hardships they go through throughout their lives, we designed ChakraView by using real life data developed by field researchers. The simulated reality environment thus created gives users an opportunity to live a farmer’s life, cultivate crops, suffer from unpredictable weather conditions and pest attacks, go through health problems of family members, daughter’s marriage that create additional financial burden and so on. This ultimately provides an insightful learning platform especially for the younger generation who is inspired to work with NGOs, Government organizations, Charitable trusts, etc. for a specific social cause related to Livelihood and other domains.
What do you learn from playing ChakraView?
  • Coping strategies for farmers with limited resource base
  • Combination of different crop patterns and how they affect the yearly financial performance
  • How the unpredictable weather conditions affect crop yield thereby increasing the debt trap for farmers
  • How medical expenses, marriage spending can increase the debt spiral

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