Livelihood Games

Why Livelihood Games?

Most people have been excited to have games and simulations as tools for training.

1. Lot of NGOs, Government programs are recruiting young graduates who are tech savvy and they will be interested in looking at this technology.

2. Computer penetration is high everywhere but they don’t have appropriate content which can be used. Self paced training on computer also eliminates the need for a human trainer. Livelihood being a huge and demanding domain, creating trainers who can train large number of new entrants in the field is difficult and impossible.

3. Observations from the research – The Initial Research were carried out during Bhubaneshwar Manthan livelihood training meeting in 2012, Visit to PRADAN project at Kesla, Visit to IRMA and playing NaranPur Express Game, Meeting with Srijan team.

Which are the areas for Livelihood Games?

Livelihood games are developed for various areas in livelihood, such as Agriculture, SHGs, Poverty, etc.

Neeti’s Perspective

When we don’t find apt answers for a few important questions, it creates an ideal turf for creative minds to do social innovation! Such creative minds are always eager to work on new and innovative challenges. Neeti Solutions is one such creativity and innovation driven information technology company with a difference. We are always passionate about finding solutions for many social issues using latest technology. When we were driven by a strong desire to create a more wide spread awareness about the root causes of farmers’ suicides, we found an apt solution of using computer games technology. Some section of our society may be negative towards playing computer games, but we have made wonderful use of virtual reality within a gaming environment.

Here are a few games designed and developed by us:

  1. ChakraView: A player will be able to feel and experience harsh realities in a farmer’s life, although virtually.
  2. SHG Initiation: A player will be able to quickly learn about formation of SHG by playing Snakes & Ladders.
  3. SHG Stabilization: A player will be able to quickly learn about stabilization of SHG by playing Snakes & Ladders.
  4. SHG Management: A player will be able to quickly learn about management of SHG by playing Snakes & Ladders.

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