How to play ChakraView?

1. Family assignment
After you click ‘Play Game’, you will be assigned a family with a few acres of land, and details such as your social status (High or Low), number of daughters to be married, etc.


2. Yearly family expenditure
You are given initial amount of Rs. 1000 per acre of land you have and you are informed about your routine family expenditure. You are shown the calculations of yearly family expenditure and the initial money you have. If required, you will be informed about need for taking loan for the same. Financial summary for family expenditure screen displays the loan per acre before moving on to the crop cultivation phase.


3. Crop cultivation phase
As you are shown in the ‘Help’ screens, you can ‘drag & drop’ any of the 4 crops (viz., Jowar, Soyabean, Cotton and Cotton with Pesticides) on each acre of your land for cultivation. In case you do not have sufficient amount for cultivation, you will be prompted for taking loan to go ahead for cultivation. You can change /replace the crop but cannot alter the crop pattern later once finalized during this phase.


4. Finalize your crop plan
Once all ‘acres’ are assigned your crops, the screen will display the ‘Cultivation cost , loan taken and Crop yield ’ table under different weather and pest attack conditions. At this stage, if you are not satisfied about your gains, then you can change your crop pattern by ‘drag and drop’ over earlier crops and verify the yield table. Once satisfied with your final crop pattern, click ‘Finalize plan’ to go ahead.


5. Announcing weather and pest condition
The game will then announce any one of four weather and pest conditions for that year, viz. Ideal, Drought, Pest or both Drought and Pest attack. The financial summary of crop cultivation phase table (for that weather condition) will finally inform you about the amount you will gain that year and also your loan per acre at that stage.


6. Sickness of a family member
You may be informed about sickness of a family member if any (this is a random event that may or may not occur each year). You will be informed about medical expenses and loan you may need to take if required. Financial summary table will display your expenses and loan per acre status.


7. Daughter’s marriage
In case you have a daughter to be married that year, you may be informed about marriage expenses and loan may need to take if required. Financial summary table will display your expenses and loan per acre status.


8. Financial summary for the current year
Then, the screen will display Financial summary table for that year summarizing your expenditure on family, crop cultivation, sickness and marriage (if any); your income that year along with your loan liability per acre at the end of that year.


9. Proceeding to next year
You are allowed to proceed to next year till your loan remains within the limit of Rs. 35,000 per acre. Once you cross this loan limit, you commit suicide and the game ends.


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