Game Design Methodology

Diversity of India
The current games and simulations which Neeti is developing are going to be used mainly in Indian context. This is a great challenge as India is a very diverse country with 14 major languages, major religious groups, local culture, dress patterns, traditions etc
Therefore the games and simulations need to include all these diversity and also need to care for the subtle sensitivities each region or culture has.

Technology used
Although most of the games and simulations which are developed and will be developed in future need to be graphically attractive and need to be highly interactive. Only then they can generate interest amongst users. On the other hand these games being learning/training in nature has to have a strong component of mathematical and statistical algorithms which need to be working backend therefore reducing the risk of any common man getting scared with technical stuff.

1. In todays’ world people use various hardware platforms such as Windows, Apple, Android, Linux and now upcoming Chrome OS. They also use various hardware platforms such as Laptops, desktops, tablets, mobiles using all the above mentioned OS platforms. Therefore it’s a challenge to develop these games and simulations which should run on these various platforms without giving any extra efforts for users to choose. Neeti therefore has taken a path of developing most of these games which can run on any Operating systems of hardware platforms. This is because most of the livelihood organisations are non-IT organisations and also work on tight budgets. Therefore they can’t change their in-house systems. So like diverse culture India is also diverse in technology

2. Most of the regions in India is having rich and long traditions of localised culture in food, festivals, use of colours, eating habits etc. Neeti team is also studying this ethnic fabric of India and trying to bring that sensitivity in to our work. Working closely with local regional partners always helps to achieve this without doing much of a research.

3. Working with local partners and domain experts – Neeti being IT/Technology company has less exposure the way communities behave and operate. It’s risky to work without having this knowledge about the community and develop applications which eventually are going to be used by local communities. Therefore we have emphasised working with local partners as a necessary in development of all the games and simulations. Fortunately this is working very effectively as most of the community based organisations don’t have IT/Software/technology competencies and as mentioned earlier Neeti doesn’t have access to community knowledge, making such partnerships highly strategic. The total development curve of the work therefore gets drastically reduced.

4. Graphical Sensitivity : Neeti always believes in working with graphical sensitivity. This helps in local culture accepting and using these tools as if they own it. So use of appropriate colours and other elements become high priority. The graphical team which is working on these applications are moulded over time as most of the projects Neeti team has are similar in nature.

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